Rich has had over 6 years of teaching experience and has taught to a broad spectrum of different abilities and age groups. Rich has studied with some of the top drummers in the country including Asaf Sirkis, Steve Timms and also has a BA Hons in Music with a First Class Dissertation. He is currently teaching at Chichester Music Academy, The University of Chichester and privately. Covering many different styles including Jazz, Metal, Funk, Fusion, Pop, Latin and Afro-Cuban, Hip-Hop, Electronic and more, students will learn how to apply various concepts to any of these styles, depending on the student's preferences and goals. In addition to this an extensive listening list will be supplied to every student. 

Rich charges £25 per hour or £15 per half hour

What students will learn...


-Basic Hand Technique

-Stick Grip


-Playing to a backing track

-Effective use and understanding of the metronome

-Playing along with a bass player, guitarist and piano player

-Sight Reading

-Ear Training

-Writing out Drum Notation/Tab


-How to set up a kit


-Developments of all of the above

-Intermediate Hand Technique (Basic introduction to Moeller and Finger Technique)

-Introduction to odd time signatures

-Introduction to polyrhythms

-Understanding of Phrasing

-Limb independence

-General Musicality 

-Organizing effecient practice regime


-Basic licks

-Drum Tuning


-Developments of all the above

-Advanced understanding of Moeller and Finger Technique and Push Pull

-Advanced limb independence 

-Advanced time signatures 

-Advanced polrhythms

-How to transcribe drum solos and grooves

-How to develop your own excercises

-How to structure drum solos

-Extended techniques such as tonal drumming

-In depth study of some of the greatest drummers

-How to make a living from music

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